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  • 2011
    • May
      • Avoid the BCD2000 if you're on a Mac
        Since I'm getting so many questions about this, I'd like to repeat this:

        1) The BCD2000 driver I made only supports MIDI, not audio. So you won't get any sound from the line-out or the headphones jacket.

        2) The BCD2000 has a firmware issue that makes it freeze up

  • 2008
    • January
      • Media Player Classic WebUI for iPhone/iPod Touch

        I have released the first pre-alpha build of my web interface for Media Player Classic on Windows, tailored specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. The whole thing is built around AJAX and allows you to control basic playback functions in MPC, as well as browse your computer for movies.

  • 2007
    • October
      • Minor update to the BCD2000 MIDI driver
        I just cleaned up the code for the BCD2000 MIDI driver and greatly simplified the code that handles the processing of MIDI packets. This leaves less margin for error and will also improve performance (although you probably won't notice that). The new version is up for download from the download

      • BCD2000, Traktor, and the Mac revisited
        My new BCD2000 MIDI driver should make it a lot easier to set up the BCD2000 with Traktor on your Mac. You can forget the old tutorial, because here's a new one that's a lot simpler.

        Step One: Install the experimental BCD2000 driver
        The new driver fixes the jog wheel by ch

      • BCD2000 + Traktor - MIDI Rules
        I've uploaded a new experimental MIDI driver to the BCD2000 Download page that incorporates a jogwheel fix. This should make it possible to use the BCD2000 with Traktor, without the help of MIDI Rules (or Mandolane). I have included a simple .tks file to use in Traktor. So far the .tks supports

    • August
      • MIDI Rules 2007/08/09
        Cycokraut pointed out to me that a new version of MIDI Rules is available. I added my GUI to it and put the image up for download right here (6.4MB).

        More info...

    • June
      • BCD3000 users wanted (well... not anymore)
        Update: since we now have a way to use the BCD2000 natively in Traktor without MIDI rules, this post can be ignored now.

        Do you own a BCD3000 or know someone who does? The reason I ask is, I'd like add a new feature to the BCD2000 driver that maps the BCD2000 controls to BCD3000 MID

    • May
      • BCD2000 Driver FAQ
        I though it might be a good idea to post a FAQ here, since I'm often getting the same questions over and over. This should save you from having to read through all the comments :)

        Q. The BCD2000 sometimes freezes after using the sliders. Is this a driver bug?
        A. Unfortunately th

    • January
      • BCD2000, Traktor, and the Mac.
        Update: Check out the new tutorial which is a lot easier.

        I finished packing up Cykokraut's MIDI Rules in a neat Mac friendly package. You can download it here (6.5MB). Source code will follow soon.

        Update: It appears I left a rather embarrassing bug which would prevent

      • BCD2000 MIDI OS X Universal Binary
        I have just finished building and testing the Universal Binary driver for the BCD2000. So now you should be able to use the BCD2000 on your PowerBook, iBook, iMac and PowerMac, as well as your MacBook, MacBook Pro, or Mac Pro. As always, you can find the download link over at the "Links" b

      • BCD2000 for MacOS X
        First of all welcome to my blog. This is where I'll be keeping you posted on whatever it is I'm working on at the moment, and anything else that comes to mind.

        My first subject is Behringer's BCD2000. When it was released about two years ago it was rumored that MacOS X driv