Avoid the BCD2000 if you're on a Mac 
Thursday, May 26, 2011, 09:20 AM - Mac, BCD2000
Since I'm getting so many questions about this, I'd like to repeat this:

1) The BCD2000 driver I made only supports MIDI, not audio. So you won't get any sound from the line-out or the headphones jacket.

2) The BCD2000 has a firmware issue that makes it freeze up after mildly heavy usage. Jogging the wheels, or heavily using the sliders may freeze the device, necessitating a reset. This seems to depend on the USB controller in your computer, but happens more on Macs than it does on PCs (though it does happen on PCs as well).

These are both very good reasons to stay clear of the BCD2000 if you're planning on using a Mac.
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Media Player Classic WebUI for iPhone/iPod Touch 
Sunday, January 27, 2008, 02:54 PM - General, News, iPhone

I have released the first pre-alpha build of my web interface for Media Player Classic on Windows, tailored specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch. The whole thing is built around AJAX and allows you to control basic playback functions in MPC, as well as browse your computer for movies. It's not complete as there's still a lot of functionality that can be added but you should have no problem playing, pausing, stopping, seeking, controlling volume or switching between fullscreen and windowed mode.
You can tap inside the progress bar to jump to a position in the movie, or tap inside the volume bar to change the volume.

How To Use
1. Download Media Player Classic 6.4.9 (and any necessary codecs, of course).
2. Download my web interface and unzip it somewhere (doesn't matter where, as long as it's not in your way).
3. In the Options menu find the 'Web Interface'. In it, enable 'Listen on port', disable 'Allow access from localhost only', and enable 'Serve pages from'. You can change the port it listens on but that's optional (default is 13579). Click the 'Browse' button and find the 'webroot' directory that you extracted from my zip file. Then click 'OK'.
4. Open Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch and go to http://yourpc:13579/ replacing yourpc with the name or IP address of the computer that's running MPC.
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Minor update to the BCD2000 MIDI driver 
Saturday, October 13, 2007, 04:33 PM - Mac, BCD2000
I just cleaned up the code for the BCD2000 MIDI driver and greatly simplified the code that handles the processing of MIDI packets. This leaves less margin for error and will also improve performance (although you probably won't notice that). The new version is up for download from the download page.

Also I noticed the web server where I host my binaries has been rather flaky lately. That should be fixed now too.
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BCD2000, Traktor, and the Mac revisited 
Sunday, October 7, 2007, 12:11 PM - Mac, BCD2000
My new BCD2000 MIDI driver should make it a lot easier to set up the BCD2000 with Traktor on your Mac. You can forget the old tutorial, because here's a new one that's a lot simpler.

Step One: Install the experimental BCD2000 driver
The new driver fixes the jog wheel by changing the range to 0 - 127. You'll need the new driver for this tutorial to work, so head over to the BCD2000 Download page and hit the link for the new experimental driver. Close all MIDI applications. Unzip the driver and double click the BCD2000 package. Then just follow the onscreen instructions.

Step Two: Configure Traktor
Open your Traktor preferences and under Hotkey & MIDI Setup > MIDI Interfaces enable the Behringer BCD2000 device (there should be an X in the left column). You can disable the IAC device here if it's still enabled from the previous driver.
Download the latest MIDI mapping from the BCD2000 Download page. In the Traktor preferences, under Hotkey & MIDI Setup > MIDI Setup click 'Load' and select the .tks file you just downloaded.

Step Three: There is no step three
That's it :) Enjoy and have fun.
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BCD2000 + Traktor - MIDI Rules 
Saturday, October 6, 2007, 09:42 PM - Mac, BCD2000
I've uploaded a new experimental MIDI driver to the BCD2000 Download page that incorporates a jogwheel fix. This should make it possible to use the BCD2000 with Traktor, without the help of MIDI Rules (or Mandolane). I have included a simple .tks file to use in Traktor. So far the .tks supports the basic stuff and LEDs for the EQ buttons, but that's about it. If anyone manages to extend the functionality of the .tks please feel free to share it with the rest of us.

Update: I just finished uploading a more extensive version of the Traktor mapping file. This one re-introduces a number of features from the MIDI Rules ruleset. Most buttons are mapped one-to-one to Traktor features, however there are some exceptions.

You can browse your library by holding down the 'Phones Split/Master Out' button and using the jogwheels to browse the tree (left) or the list (right). Use the left 'Search' buttons to collapse/expand the tree, or the right 'Search' buttons to load the selected track to deck A or B.

Sync slave now maps to sync slave, instead of sync trigger. Both 'Back To Top' buttons are used as modifiers now. The left BTT button turns the Sync Slave button in a trigger for Sync Master. The right BTT button turns the Sync Slave button in a trigger for Sync. The left button also turns the Scratch button in a Tempo reset trigger.
I realize this is very complex and I could definitely use some ideas for improvements.
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